Beyond Infinity Show Notes 12/1/16

Selfie Stick

Selfie stick iPhone case gets counterfeited before it even exists

Xiaomi Redmi 3

more affordable and decent spec phones hut Chinese market – rest of world later..?

Beauty Wearable

L’Oréal Takes the Wearables War to the Beauty Counter


Tesla Model S burns to rubble at charging station in Norway
Tesla Model S mysteriously catches fire while charging
Tesla Model S catches fire at supercharger station in Norway

Food Scanner

Magical gadget scans your food to reveal its nutritional value
Gadget can scan your food to reveal its nutritional value
This Pocket Molecular Sensor Scans Your Food And Reveals Its Nutritional Value

CES product highlights & trends

The 10 Coolest, Weirdest Gadgets I Saw At CES 2016
The Trends We Saw At CES This Year That Will Matter In 2016
Everyone wanted a piece of virtual reality at this year’s CES
2016 is the year CES became the high-tech auto show