Beyond Infinity Show Notes 14/3/17

Battery Storage

Is Elon Musk’s tweet the answer? Experts are divided


NASA Mission Named ‘Europa Clipper’
Could fast radio bursts really be powering alien space ships?

Climate Change

‘Angry summer’ breaks 205 weather records in 90 days


‘League of Legends’ creator wins $10 million in cheating lawsuit

Artificial Intelligence

AI software is better than judges at determining whether criminal defendants are flight risks
Google kills off the Captcha, ensuring humans don’t need to see the most annoying thing on the internet

Vault 7 – CIA

WikiLeaks publishes massive trove of CIA spying files in ‘Vault 7’ release
Google says it fixed a lot of the security holes the CIA exploited
CIA planned to hack cars and trucks to carry out undetectable assassinations claims WikiLeaks
Wikileaks CIA Files – What this means for Internet security and encryption