Beyond Infinity Show Notes 18/10/16


Adobe aims to bring Photoshop to mobile masses with upcoming app
Can an algorithm replace the pill? Natural Cycles app wants to do just that


Europe’s life-seeking Mars lander heads towards planet after momentary scare

Cancer Research

Tasmanian devil milk could help fight cancer, researchers hope
Devil’s milk could be the killer ingredient in war on superbugs


Yahoo Turned Off E-Mail Forwarding Just When People Might Want To Leave


The Coen Brothers Are Writing a Movie About the Deep Web


Julian Assange internet cut off

Samsung Note 7

Samsung Sent us a “Note 7 Return Kit” with a Thermally-Insulated Box and Safety Gloves
Samsung is offering Note 7 owners up to $100 credit to return their phones
Samsung slashes profit forecast by a third following Galaxy Note 7 debacle
Suspected cause of fault