Beyond Infinity Show Notes 23/02/16

3 strikes and out – Scrapped

‘Three strikes’ scheme for Aussie pirates scrapped: report
ISPs blindsided by ‘shelved’ Australian piracy code
Copyright notice scheme takes back seat to website blocking

Dallas Buyers Club update

Beyond Infinity Podcast – Dallas Buyers Club v Pirates
Dallas Buyers Club abandons fight against Aussie pirates
Dallas Buyers Club hangs up its boots in iiNet court case

Netflix blocking proxies

Netflix Moves to Enforce Geoblocking [Podcast]
Netflix geo-blocking crackdown hits PayPal customers
Netflix just started blocking my VPN

Linux Mint hacked

Warning — Linux Mint Website Hacked and ISOs replaced with Backdoored Operating System

Apple under Pressure

Apple Customer letter
The battle between Apple and the FBI just got weirder
Out of the loop summary
Apple Chief Calls Court Order to Unlock iPhone ‘Unprecedented Step’

Wi Fried

Catalyst episode
Do Wi-Fi and mobile phones really cause cancer? Experts respond

Einstein’s gravitational waves

Einstein’s gravitational waves detected