Beyond Infinity Show Notes 26/04/16


Alibaba is (officially) coming to Australia


Australian Music Industry Hauls Piracy Sites to Court

Robotic Snakes

Robotic Snakes are the Stuff of Undersea Nightmares


App deactivates phone screen if you’re close

Emissions Scandal

VW Will Buy Back Your Cheating, Polluting Diesel
Mitsubishi admits cheating fuel efficiency tests

Microsoft and Google

Microsoft and Google agree to end all regulatory complaints against each other


Scientists can now make lithium-ion batteries last a lifetime


Tesla’s Autopilot lowers probability of having an accident by 50% based on early data, says Musk


The CMS Collaboration at CERN has released more than 300 terabytes (TB) of high-quality open data.

Interview with Dr Tony Heyes

The Parking Sensor, originally called, ReverseAid, was a spin-off from the Sonic Pathfinder – an Electronic Guidance Device for the Blind. Both devices were invented in the late 1970s by Dr Tony Heyes while working at the Blind Mobility Research Unit at Nottingham University in the UK. After patenting the device in 1983 Heyes offered it to Jaguar Cars in Coventry. After test driving the prototype on Heyes’s car they very politely told him that, “You like it because you are a one eyed driver who cannot judge distances. Real people would not want a thing like this.”