Beyond Infinity Show Notes 2/8/16

Tectonic Plates

Geoscience Australia moves to update maps as the continent is drifting north at 7cm a year


Porsche takes on model S


Scott Kelly Says a Year in Orbit Felt Like ‘Forever’
This is our era’s message in a bottle — a beamed message to Polaris
A Simple Response to an Elemental Message
New Tech Installed on The ISS Set To Form Solar System-Wide ‘Internet’

Bio Engineering

Building a Better Human With Science? The Public Says, No Thanks

Tech Employment

Australian workers must be ready to ride the technology wave, says StartupAUS
Economy in Transition – Report

Windows 10

Microsoft faces two new lawsuits over aggressive Windows 10 upgrade tactics


Indian hacker discovers Vine’s source code; Twitter pays him $10,080 for his efforts
SwiftKey has been sharing users’ phone numbers and email addresses with strangers


Four-year storage of data deterring some households from filling out forms

Home automation

Home automation for the elderly


Facebook Tax Bill Over Ireland Move Could Cost $5 Billion
Facebook admits blocking WikiLeaks’ DNC email links, but won’t say why