Beyond Infinity Show Notes 29/03/16

New iPhone and the iPad update

iOS 9.3 update news
Apple devices locked after upgrading to iOS 9.3

Facebook Fail

Pakistan bomb blast: Facebook fumbles again with ‘Safety Check’

Don’t get scammed

$1 iPhone from is a scam


Paris terrorists used burner phones, not encryption, to evade detection
Before We Even Know The Details, Politicians Rush To Blame Encryption For Brussels Attacks

Reflection-removing camera

Reflection-removing camera: Device uses depth sensor and signal processing to capture clear images through windows

Biodegradable Algae Water Bottles

Man Invents Biodegradable Algae Water Bottles As A Green Alternative To Plastic

Ability To Clone Humans

Chinese Scientists Say They Have the Ability To Clone Humans

livestreaming app

Google is building YouTube Connect, a livestreaming app to take on Periscope

Tesla Powerwall

Tesla discontinuing 10kW powerwall

Virtual Reality

Oculus VR goggles could change the future. Or not.
PlayStation VR takes on Facebook’s Oculus, HTC in virtual reality rumble
Virtual Desktop on Steam

The rise and rise of eCommerce

Kogan aquires Dick Smith online
Growth in ecommerce
Ecommerce Insights
Auspost focus on ecommerce
Victorian government inks Alibaba e-commerce deal