Trump Abdicates Leadership, Rejects Paris Agreement

Despite US government policies to turn back the clock on climate change, political, business and religious leaders around the world will not abandon their commitment to reduce carbon emissions.

The following was submitted to us by a listener, we thought the comments were valid and some good points raised;

Note I believe in anthropomorphic climate change. But the ruckus about the Paris agreement is propaganda and virtue signalling from Presidents and CEOs all over the world.

The text of the agreement is largely non-binding – allowing China and others to continue increasing emissions on CO2 until 2030 and then capping at some level higher than the present.

The smaller countries are grandstanding as they are eventually looking at large handouts from this new Green Climate Fund (100Billion USD)

Similarly, the CEOs of the large oil & gas companies realise that the language of the agreement does not limit their line of work over the short term, and longer term, with their “green” (alternative energy) sides of the business picking up steam, will give them access to huge government tax benefits and other subsidies.

As a pescetarian cyclist that has a limited consumer electronics lifestyle, it’s very frustrating when the media does not perform more than a cursory look at the situation, taking everyone’s words at face value, except the one scapegoat (Trump). He is certainly a simpleton – but that doesn’t mean that everyone else is acting in anything other than their own self-interest.

[Name withheld]

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