Weekly News From Beyond Infinity 15/03/16

Beyond Infinity’s weekly news round-up: New launch date set for Mars Insight; ExoMars finally lifts off; Plastic-eating bacteria discovered; Chrome Music Lab; Tesla Model 3 reveal; NSA’s abuse of data; Growing human eyes; Falling solar costs in India; F-35 fighter saga continues.

Stem Cell Breakthrough

Stem Cell Breakthrough Could Let Us Grow New Human Eyes

India’s solar power

India’s big move into solar is already paying off


NSA data will soon routinely be used for domestic policing


Tesla Model 3 Will Be Unveiled in March 2016
Tesla says supplier botched Falcon Wing door hydraulics for Model X
Man hacks Tesla firmware, finds new model, has car remotely downgraded

Chrome Music Lab

Chrome Music Lab
Google Debuts Chrome Music Lab to Spur Creation of Original Melodies


NASA Targets May 2018 Launch of Mars InSight Mission
Mars Mission Blasts Off From Kazakhstan

Plastic Eating Bacteria

Researchers unleash plastic-eating bacteria