Beyond Infinity Show Notes 12/9/17


Trio of hurricanes in Atlantic Ocean baffles weather scientists


ExoAnalytic video shows Telkom-1 satellite erupting debris – Ever wanted to see how orbital debris is made?
After Cassini: Pondering the Saturn Mission’s Legacy


Most Americans have had their SSNs stolen in massive ID theft
Lenovo Wasn’t Paying Attention: 750,000 Laptops Had Spyware


Startup buzzkill: California bans drone delivery services of legalized pot

Renewable Energy

Solar thermal power plant announced for Port Augusta ‘biggest of its kind in the world’
SA to get world’s biggest lithium ion battery in ‘historic’ deal with Elon Musk

Battergy Technology

Lithium-ion batteries that don’t explode a step closer with new water-based technology

Social Media

Russian firm tied to pro-Kremlin propaganda advertised on Facebook during election


AI learns to re-create Super Mario Bros. by watching someone else play it

Smart Phones

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 has broken presale records despite last year’s disaster
Galaxy Note 8