Beyond Infinity Show Notes 19/04/16

Research Centre

Agreement on Point Nepean Research Centre

Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin launches education program to bring space science to students
Generation Beyond

Jet-powered hoverboard

Yes, the jet-powered hoverboard is real, and yes, the creator has crashed it


Pig hearts kept alive in baboons for more than two years, research offers hope for human transplants

Mission to the stars

$100 million research and engineering program will seek proof of concept for using light beam to propel gram-scale ‘nanocraft’ to 20 percent of light speed. A possible fly-by mission could reach Alpha Centauri within about 20 years of its launch.
Breakthrough Initiatives

Project Orion: The True Story of the Atomic Spaceship

Computer Software

Install and Update All Your Programs at Once with Ninite


Federal police admit seeking access to reporter’s metadata without warrant

Brain Implant

Implant lets paralysed man ‘play guitar’

BSOD Blue Screen of Death

Microsoft adds QR codes to Windows 10 ‘Blue Screen of Death’ to help troubleshoot crashes

Tech Expo Melbourne

Connect EXPO is Australia’s fastest growing business technology event. 19th-20th April @ MCEC


Tesla And Other Tech Giants Scramble For Lithium As Prices Double


Apple’s Recycling Initiatives Recover $40 Million in Gold


Dyson Airblades ‘spread germs 1,300 times more than paper towels’

Google Calendar

Find time for your goals with Google Calendar