Beyond Infinity Show Notes 31/10/17


Google Earth Leads to Discovery of 400 Stone “Gates” in Saudi Arabia


Mars Rover Mission Progresses Toward Resumed Drilling
Large Solar Storm Sparks Global Aurora and Doubles Radiation Levels on the Martian Surface


Cochlear introduces the world’s first Made for iPhone cochlear implant sound processor
For decades, the blind have used canes to get around. Now a special wristband gives them a ‘sixth sense.’


Tesloop’s mission is to enable its community of travelers to create an amazing & sustainable travel experience, and make access to this convenient and affordable.


China Invents Rice That Can Grow in Salt Water, Can Feed Over 200 Million People


This Company Added the Word ‘Blockchain’ to Its Name and Saw Its Shares Surge 394%


CAPTCHAs cracked by new artificial intelligence, after very little training

Smart Phones

Google addresses Pixel 2 handset complaints


YouTube user demonstrating how Facebook listens to conversations to serve ads
Facebook denies spying on conversations to better target advertisements