Beyond Infinity Show Notes 5/12/17


Flies may be more potent pathogen carriers than previously thought


Uber boss says a data breach exposed 57m users’ data and the company didn’t tell anyone
Have I been pwned?


Scientists call for global glitter ban due to the damage the art supplies does to the environment


You remember more of what you read out loud

Marine Biology

Male Australian Humpback Dolphins Gather Gifts To Get Laid

Battery Technology

Australia Powers Up the World’s Biggest Battery — Courtesy of Elon Musk
Magnesium batteries could be safer and more efficient than lithium
Samsung Develops Battery Material with 5x Faster Charging Speed


Solar System’s First Interstellar Visitor Dazzles Scientists


VW update: Judge demands carmaker explain why it installed emissions ‘defeat device’ software
Uber-style driverless cars set for Perth as part of international trial


Amazon has launched