Beyond Infinity Show Notes 6/9/16


Jupiter’s North Pole Unlike Anything Encountered in Solar System
More information on the Juno mission is available at these sites:


Apple’s App Store Is About To Get So Much Better


Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phone pulled from sale in Australia over safety concerns


Dropbox data breach: 68 million user account details leaked – This is why we shouldn’t use the same password for everything.


How Spy Tech Firms Let Governments See Everything on a SmartphoneThere are dozens of digital spying companies that can track everything a target does on a smartphone.
A closer look at the NSO Group, the organization behind the most advanced iPhone spyware ever released
Everything We Know About NSO Group: The Professional Spies Who Hacked iPhones With A Single Text


Problem of e-waste highlighted by new doco
Managing e-waste in Victoria

Data Retention

Australian Government Using Data Retention Law To Seek Out Journalists’ Sources, Hunt Down Whistleblowers


Facebook fires trending team, and algorithm without humans goes crazy


OpenOffice, after years of neglect, could shut down


Google’s new phones will be called the Pixel and Pixel XL


Netflix saves kids from over 150 hours of commercials a year

Touchscreen projector

Product Review – TouchJet
Touchjet TP80WUS Pond Smart Touch Projector