OH Honey!

Over the past few years we have been interviewing Simon Mulvany of Save the Bees Australia, following his quest to have truth in advertising, particularly with protecting Australian Honey and Bees.

Here are all the interviews so you can follow along with the story. We’ll continue to add to this as we follow the story.


Bee The Cure

Simon Mulvany campaigns for healthy bee populations, reduced use of pesticides and truth in advertising. He explains to Piers why bees are disappearing around the world and the serious threats posed to food security.


If Bees Thrive, We Thrive

Simon Mulvany of Save the Bees Australia updates us on his protracted legal dispute with honey giant Capilano. He expresses his awe and wonder at the little critters’ ability to learn tool use, describes the heirarchy of the hive, how bees communicate with the waggle dance and comments on tensions between natural and commercial bee keeping.


World Bee Day 20th May

Tolstoy wrote: “One can no more approach people without love than one can approach bees without care. Such is the quality of bees…” To mark World Bee Day on 20th May, Piers talks with Simon Mulvany of Save The Bees Australia about his intensifying legal battle with big honey, recent wins in having dangerous chemicals banned by major retailers, his disdain for Australian Certified Organic and his change.org petition to ban toxic neonicotinoids in Australia – as Europe has already done.

Issues Facing The World’s Bees (Part 1)

In the first of a three part interview, bee experts Simon Mulvany and Ben Moore compare Australia’s honey bee industry with those in Europe and New Zealand. They discuss the big problems caused by the varroa mite and welcome the banning of neonicotinoids, which are widely-used insecticides deadly to bees. Both Simon and Ben are firm believers that social media can be pivotal in raising awareness of the serious dangers facing bees and those who depend on them around the world.

Issues Facing The World’s Bees (Part 2)

Simon and Ben discuss different approaches to bee keeping in different parts of the world. Despite strong apiarist traditions in Europe, efforts are being made to breed bees that are better at cleaning each other, using genetics. They outline the hot issues facing their industry and explain some of the less well known uses for bee products, including beard conditioner and women’s skin treatments.

Issues Facing The World’s Bees (Part 3)

In the final part of our interview with professional apiarists Simon Mulvany and Ben Moore, we discuss what’s so important about bees and how attitudes are changing both in Australia and abroad to the vital need for healthy bee populations. Plus, Simon updates us on his protracted legal dispute with Capilano Honey, saying “there’s a very good chance we’ll now be able to settle the case”.

Save The Bees’ Legal Battle With Capilano Honey

Simon Mulvany is a passionate campaigner for healthy bee populations, reduced use of pesticides and truth in packaging. His strident criticism of Australian multi-national Capilano Honey has led to legal action and a gag order being placed on Simon. Here Simon gives his side of this sticky situation.

Latest On Save The Bees Vs Capilano Honey Part 1

In the first of a 2 part, wide-ranging interview, Simon Mulvaney of Save The Bees Australia gives us the low down on his legal stoush with Capilano Honey, challenges facing the honey industry, the techniques of bee keeping and the dangers of neonicotinoid insecticides.

Latest On Save The Bees Vs Capilano Honey Part 2

Simon Mulvaney of Save The Bees Australia details his costly legal battle with Capilano Honey. He explains how he crowd-funded his legal advice to counter a cashed-up corporate legal team. Simon has a petition on change.org to have imported honey labelled with country of origin and wants a ban on imported honey due to the dangers of disease entering Australia.

Food Fraud – German Testing Exposes Fake Honey On Sale In Australia

Independent analysis using nuclear magnetic resonance at the Quality Services International lab shows that about half of honey on sale at big supermarket chains is adulterated with sweet-tasting syrups. Following revelations on the ABC’s ‘730 Report’, much of this has now been withdrawn from sale. But fundamental questions have been raised about food fraud, truth in advertising, about consumer naivety about the quality of imported ingredients and the vulnerability of the Australian honey industry.
Part 1 of a 2 part in-depth interview with honey activist Simon Mulvany of Save The Bees Australia.

Food Fraud – Honey Industry Whistleblower Vindicated

After recent ABC News revelations about adulterated imported honey from China, activist Simon Mulvany reflects on his protracted legal battle with Australia’s biggest honey company ASX-listed Capilano and the personal toll it has taken on him and his family. While legal proceedings are yet to be resolved, he is already tempted to feel that the worst might be over and that his arguments about truth in advertising, about tainted imported honey and protecting the local bee-keeping industry are finally being vindicated.
Part 2 of a 2 part interview.

Capilano Honey Law Suit Grinds On

Simon Mulvany of Save The Bees Australia has been embroiled in a legal dispute with Capilano Honey for years. Here he provides startling revelations about the leadership of Capilano in the person of Ben McKee, the company’s CEO. He says his battle is partly about free speech and reckons in future there’ll be benefits from his case for other activists.

ACCC Denies Results Of German Honey Tests

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission reckons that the nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) testing of Australian supermarket honey brands by Germany’s Quality Services International (QSI) lab is “not yet reliable enough to determine whether honey is adulterated”. Industry whistle-blower Simon Mulvany disagrees with this finding and says his legal dispute with Capilano Honey could be adversely effected by the news.

Details Emerge Of Capilano’s Law Suit

Simon Mulvany of Save The Bees Australia takes us through some of what he can and can’t say in his legal dispute with Capilano. He is also critical of an article about Capilano published on Choice.com.au, a website which claims to be pro-consumer, independent and “free from commercial bias”. He explains how new labeling regulations have exposed the real amount of Australian honey in supermarket products.


An Update From Bee Activist Simon Mulvany

Simon gives the low down on his recent activism, including the removal of Capilano’s Allowrie branded honey from supermarket shelves. He goes through several different retail honey brands and offers his thoughts and concerns. He has a campaign to crowd fund German lab tests to determine exactly what retail honeys contain, explaining the tests would look for neonicitinoids, antibiotics, fungicides and glyphosate. Simon also gives us a state by state run down of the health of the bee industry in Australia.


Honey Giant Withdraws Legal Action Against Activist Simon Mulvany

The legal battle that has ground on for years between beekeeper activist Simon Mulvany and Capilano Honey (now Hive and Wellness Australia) is finally over. Relieved and philosophical, Simon discusses the outcome of his struggle, what he’s achieved and the lessons learned. And he’s positive about the future: he’s just raised over $50,000 for bushfire-effected beekeepers and reckons there’s a book to be written about his journey so far.